We Are The Difference.

We Are The Difference.

Posted by Avra Amar Filion on 2020 Nov 17th

I write this post with a sad heart... Actually with a sorrowful heart.

Before I explain why, first let me first express a wee bit about myself and my family. 

When I was young my parents ran one of the largest and most luxurious spas and manufacturing companies of cosmetics across the globe. My parents put our clients before everything because from a little age, we were learned that their client's well-being was in their hands. They weren't merely providing some body lotion or face cream, they were promoting a form a health care, mental care, and emotional care... because when one feels cared for and their skin is fed the right things, it brings forth a form of confidence that brings on a new mindset of hope and a sense of happiness. 

I didn't fully understand how a face cream could solve all the things they discussed with such tenderness. But, I then fell very ill, and was going to die. 27 doctors told me I had three months to live... My life took a horrible turn where I became sensitive to any chemicals or preservatives, making eating a very difficult task, using store bought perfumes or anything was a possible run to the hospital due to an reaction. I by the grace of God did not die, a miracle in itself but I still suffered from sever allergies. My family words came rushing back in... being able to make my pre-matured aging skin look radiant and not get an allergic reaction because our products didn't have any chemicals made me feel so good. I was able to look pretty again when death was still lingering on my face. 

So when I took over in 2011, I made it my mission to further the transform the line into something miraculous! I was astound to discover how many people called me who suffered the severe allergies like myself and suffered from skin conditions that other lines only made worse and left them with permanent damages. So, I reformulated every single product to meet the requests of our clients while being chemical free, using organic food grade ingredients that achieve the same results as any top tier luxury product while being completely safe and healthy for you.

Here is the sad part, we have been in business for over 60 years, we have over 300 formulas, we could have sold our company several times but my family made the decision that our clients trusted us for quality because they knew we care about them... we chose not to sell out, so we could continue to care for each one of you with all our hearts. 

I was recently told some of the following statements "My order didn't come next day, I'm rather disappointed."  "Amazon gets my order to me in two days." "My product is slightly different than my last jar."

Yes, unfortunately we are not amazon; a multi-billion dollar company that owns a delivery company and makes almost no real good themselves and definitely nothing as pure as our cosmetics. We could have been a bigger and more expanded company IF we put money before your well-being.

So, I was sadden to hear that delivery time was more important than quality. Next day delivery was more important than one's well-being. We are a family ran company based in the beautiful mountain side of Ontario. We make small batches so every jar is packed with fresh organic creams at it's pinnacle concentration to achieve "WOW Results"... Every jar is carefully filled by hand to make sure that there is no contamination from filling machines. We label every jar by hand so we can reduce the cost, so we can provided our clients with affordable creams.. If we feel a jar has sat for too long on the shelf we will make a new batch for your order. So No, we can't deliver next day because we don't believe in bulking, we believe in quality and how it reaches you. 

In a world where you can order pre-made meals from an app that are full of synthetics and preservatives and still claim to be 'NATURAL", it seems hard to believe that if you really buy organic there will be small changes from one batch to the next. If you go to grocery market-- apples are different, every papaya isn't the same size, every grape doesn't have the same sweetness-- nature differs every harvest and so will our products... we use fresh organic produce to make seasonal extracts... we don't use stabilizers or chemicals that make the product the exact same every batch. The consistency of our line isn't aroma or texture but in purity and results. We rather work harder and longer on each batch to ensure you get the benefit of nature and its wonderful restorative properties.

We aren't a store bought cream, we aren't a mass produced company, we aren't filled with shareholder telling us use cheap and poisoning chemicals in order to reduce cost and  increase profit.... no we are a Christian family ran business that has stayed open for over 60 years because we believe if you can't eat it, it shouldn't be fed to your skin. Our PROFIT is knowing your healthy, safe, and being given a product of a quality that has yet to be beat. NOTHING will give you the same results and that's simply because no other company puts your well-being ahead of everything.

How do you know what I'm saying is true. I wouldn't be able to cook the products if there was any trace of anything even slightly harmful.

"We are a corporation, on a homestead, making purity a lifestyle." ™