Haberlea! The one line that you will come to crave! We are the first company to ever have used Haberlea, and though there is now more and more lines trying  to use Haberlea Extract, they are simply unsuccessful in achieving the same results we deliver. How come? Because we are the only company to successfully harness the power of Haberlea and activating it 3 times it's capabilities. With extensive research and dedication, Haberlea has never been so powerful! Using the most expensive and rarest organic raw materials from around, we have collectively made formulas that are unsurpassable and unbeatable. Haberlea doesn't slow down aging, it eradicates aging altogether. Look younger and healthier... ooze youth and beauty... Be the best version of yourself.. be haberlously flawless!

Zanqara produced Haberlea products because we got an overwhelming amount of phone calls from people who have done chemical peels, used cosmetics that had dangerous chemicals that are pitched as miracle anti-agers, and now these people paid more than they thought, with serious skin damage. Aging even worse once quitting the line that promised them long lasting results. These sad and abused customers requested the impossible from us!!!

What did they request? For a line that would not only correct the scarring and permanent damage that their previous line caused, but make them dramatically younger at the same time! They wanted a line so natural and delicate that a baby could use it, while being powerful enough that one could see the wrinkles vanish instantly! More than anything they wanted a line could make them naturally younger and beautiful from head to toe. With the final request being on quote "I need a line that will make me feel beautiful and confident. I want to feel desirable again."

Well, we're a Christian company and God granted us a miracle with Haberlea and the ability to use it correctly! The impossible made possible! But here is the surprising thing.. We thought Haberlea would be a line that women would mostly use, but we find our biggest consumers are men! A dedicated line that is turning maturely handsome into youthful hunks! Haberlea is a line that has zero limits and producing time reversing results that is truly miraculous!


Haberlea Rhodopensis is called the “resurrection plant” because this plant has the rare ability to produce an extreme amount of Polyphenol Glycoside Myconoside Molecules to be able to sustain itself under the most severe stressful conditions (drought, poisoning, radiation etc.). Scientists have done endless tests and research to understand how this plant has the ability to maintain itself, but also to produce the same hyperactivity within anything its comes in contact with...

“HOW?” is still left unanswered, but the results are beyond the scope of reason.

Three main scientific tests that have been documented and the results are this:

1) Radioprotective effect of Haberlea Rhodopensis leaf extract on gamma radiation induced DNA damage, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant levels in rabbit blood. The rabbits were fed 0.12g of Haberlea Extract per kg body weight two hours before collecting and exposing blood samples to biologically hazardous 2.0 Gy 60Co gamma-radiation and the results were the blood were barely effected and the DNA was not destroyed and conclusion was that Haberlea Extract could play a modulatory role against the cellular damage induced by gamma-irradiation with an indescribable radioprotective properties.

2) Metabolic profiling of the resurrection plant Haberlea Rhodopensis during desiccation and recovery. The Haberlea Leaf Extract was tested/ evaluated on more than 100 compounds. This plant showed high hyper activity under stressed and normal conditions. Test showed that when Haberlea Extract was applied to soil of crops and those crops under experimentation of extreme drought, heat waves, the Haberlea extract’s rare compound (Myconoside) performs alone and together with other common metabolites giving crops the same hyperactive abilities of survival. Further systems biology studies approve H. Rhodopensis will definitely help in achieving the final goal - improving crop drought tolerance.

3) Skin benefits of a Myconoside-rich extract from resurrection plant Haberlea Rhodopensis. MANY double blind studies have been performed and the results are always the same-- the effect of time cannot surpass the effect of Haberlea Extract.

The results are amazing when applied to peroxided- stressed skin the Haberlea extract increased collagen by over 1700% and increased Elastin by over 140%. The results are unbeatable and live up to Zanqara’s Natural Wholesome Standards and Haberlea produces superior results compared to HARMING ingredients such as Retinoic Acid and Retinol. Case studies show that with a 3% of Haberlea in topical creams increased 9x elasticity of the skin and 8x the radiances after only 15 days of treatment with the results being long lasting after stopping treatment for months. Haberlea strongly stimulates anti-oxidant skin defenses and extracellular matrix protein synthesis and has miraculous anti-aging effect and UV protection with restoration of skin elasticity and radiance.And with high active levels of Phenolic acids you can prevent cellular damage due to free-radicals and oxidation reactions.

But the Haberlea line contain Bamboo Extract, which contains 70% more silica than anything else available, and contains all the essential minerals the body needs in order to have beautiful skin. We didn’t stop there... These two ingredients on their own are truly a skin miracle but we added Tamanu Oil, though not a well-known oil, it is known for its wondrous healing abilities. It is called “The Cure All” oil since it treats almost every skin ailment one might have and this line puts fibroblast activity into hyper speed to make flawless, youthful, radiant, healthy, tight, wrinkle-free perfect skin.


Scientist from around the world are finding that Haberlea has more abilities than one could come to scientifically understand, never mind explain.

As stated by Biotechnology Advances

“Resurrection species are a group of land plants that can tolerate extreme desiccation of their vegetative tissues during harsh drought stress, and still quickly – often within hours – regain normal physiological and metabolic functions following rehydration. At the molecular level, this desiccation tolerance is attributed to basal cellular mechanisms including the constitutive expression of stress-associated genes and high levels of protective metabolites present already in the absence of stress, as well as to transcriptome and metabolome reconfigurations rapidly occurring during the initial phases of drought stress. Parts of this response are conferred by unique metabolites, including a diverse array of sugars, phenolic compounds, and polyols, some of which accumulate to high concentrations within the plant cell. In addition to drought stress, these metabolites are proposed to contribute to the protection against other abiotic stresses and to an increased oxidative stress tolerance. To adapt to extreme dehydration and withstand extreme cold temperatures, resurrection plants have developed unique molecular mechanisms to protect themselves against desiccation-induced damage. Myconoside, a glycoside abundantly present in extracts of H. rhodopensis, can strongly stimulate antioxidant skin defenses and extracellular matrix protein synthesis. …Resurrection plants displays biological activities such as: antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal, and antiviral activities.”

Haberlea By Zanqara; Your Only Option For Flawless Skin.