ZANQARA is infinitely better than any other line on the market. No matter how your skin changes, Zanqara will eternally be your natural skin solution. Over 60 years ago, Zanqara started a revolution that skin care was in fact a form of health care.

Technically every seven years we complete a life cycle, our bodies in an entirety are changing; it evolves to a new stage; the biochemistry metamorphosis in the process of aging renders us to a state of biological dissociation. In one year our body's demands and requirements alter... there isn't one formula, one diet or any one thing that can maintain our body sufficiently through all these life cycle changes.. and like our human instinct that prompts us to do more and be more, your skin will feel the exact prompting and will say " I want more" .... and Zanqara will always be there with MORE.

We are a skin care line that doesn't cut corners, but, rather we offer a bounty of cosmetics for every change you might encounter. Zanqara is about restoration, rejuvenation, and ultimately preparation to ensure that when your body is about to embark on a change, we complete the cycle and fill in any missing micro-cellular components to prevent mutation accumulation that leads to the advance signs of aging. How do we do this? The answer is simple.. NATURALLY! The innovative concept we had over 60 years ago, remains irrevocably the same today, and that is, if you couldn’t consume the ingredients in the formula, then you shouldn’t be feeding it to your skin.

What your skin absorbs is ultimately feeding the rest of your body. It can either enhance you or utterly destroy your well-being. Zanqara put the caring in skin care by only formulating with the purest, rarest and structurally untampered raw materials from around the world. With over 180 different products, we can guarantee that for every skin type, for every skin need, and for every skin change we will have a flawless product, that will produce timeless results. Every ingredient is critically examined for all its attributes and capabilities to determine which skin issue it will address, and formulate around a specific skin desideratum.

Zanqara formulas are 100% chemical free and are 100% organic using kosher ingredients that are guaranteed to leave you in awe of the miraculous results you will receive. Our products produce results that stay, we encourage your skin to revitalize itself and increase functional capacity to ensure cell production. You won't be dependent on us or our products to look your best, we as a company don't want to tie you down, we want to free your skin so it is able to maintain itself. Your well-being is always put before profit, but saying that, your skin will never crave for anything else like it will crave the delicious banquet of organic cosmetic dishes Zanqara serve up. A skin addiction in a way, and no other company could ever compare. Your skin will feast on a plentitude of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Phyto,Oligo, Gemotherapy compounds, oils, exotic butters, Bach Flowers, Homeopathic compounds, rare extracts, tinctures, and active floral/flora stem cells, plus so so much more in just the right pH that your skin will absorb ever last nutritional benefit. Zanqara is your Natural Skin Nutrition.

Out of nature’s best will arise the best version of yourself. Choosing Zanqara isn't an aesthetic choice, but a healthy life decision. Don’t compromise—- indulge in the luxury of nature, explore all it has to offer, experience first hand the benefits of wise skin discretions. Every day and every seven years we will continue to maintain the integrity of your skin. Feel and look your best, naturally with Zanqara.

"Beauty is the summation of parts working together in such a way that nothing is needed to be altered, added, or taken away."