We at ZANQARA take it extremely seriously as to who we want representing us. We want to know our company philosophy and beliefs will be properly respected and portrayed by the people who act as our distributors. That is why we are thrilled to have Matthew Mckenzie as one of our main distributor in Canada. We offer extra discounts to large clients that order through him. 

He also is approved to offer these following discounts:

Customizations, Discounts?

We do offer customizations on aromas according to the purchasers needs. Any customized aroma requires a MOQ of 50 (5l/1G Jugs) or 4,000 (65ml bottles).


Formula alterations in the regards to texture, color or added ingredients, requires a $20,000 Before taxes Order. (Reg Price: $29,500)

Private labeling includes: Label design with your brand name and custom product name, selection of bottles and sizes, and formula alterations if desired. (3 custom scents included), we deal with all the legalities and getting the product certified under your branding. This private labeling option is $200,000 before taxes. (Reg Price: $224,000)


All 5L jugs have a MOQ of 4 Jugs per aroma.




65ml Bottles                                                     265ml Bottels                                     5L Jugs


2,000 Bottles Get 200 Free                    1,000 Bottles Get 50 Free                    Buy 20 Jugs Get 2 Free

5,000 Bottles Get 500 Free                    4,000 Bottles Get 170 Free                  Buy 40 Jugs Get 5 Free

7,000 Bottles Get 700 Free                    8,000 Bottles Get 350 Free                  Buy 60 Jugs Get 7 Free

10,000 Bottles Get 1,200 Free               12,000 Bottles Get 480 Free                Buy 80 Jugs Get 9 Free

15,000 Bottles Get 1,800 Free               17,000 Bottles Get 590 Free                Buy 100 Jugs Get 11 Free

20,000 Bottles Get 2,500 Free               20,000 Bottles Get 700 Free                Buy 200 Jugs Get 1,000 (65ml),

50,000 + Bottles Get Bulk Pricing          37,000+ Bottles Get Bulk Pricing          Buy 300+ Get Bulk Pricing 


Contact Mr. Matthew Mckenzie (Bravo Distributions Ltd)

Phone: 416-616-0240


Distributor Badge: M198M742ZAN