Raw Youth: Extreme Anti-Aging Bundle

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Zanqara creates exclusive products for VIP customers, that need next day extreme anti-aging results so they look FLAWLESS and YOUTHFUL for a televised interview, red carpet, photoshoot or a stage performance. These products are packed with ancient herbal blends and scientifically concentrated extracts of some of the rarest raw materials from around the world, proven to have the strongest anti-aging results. One doesn't need to go under the knife or get invasive injections to erase the years. We have sold a record amount of this bundle, which has been kept secret from the public and we feel its time to unleash the powers of Raw Youth to all of you.

We are introducing this bundle for a limited time at discounted price. (discounted price is redeemable once per customer.) Because we want everyone to achieve their anti-aging goals. ZANQARA is rooted from nature but blossom due to the loyalty of our customers and this is our way of sharing the harvest of anti-aging results at an unbelievably low price.

Raw Youth Bundle includes:

Raw Youth Cleanser ($110) (140ml): A contouring emulsion cleanser designed to lift and tone while you massage in a contouring manner. This cleanser is packed with powerful extracts including: Ghost Flower, Mangosteen Seed, Avocado Seed, Midnight Lilly, Black Bamboo, Black Pearl, Lychee Seed and a blend of stem cells collected from anti-aging tropical leaves. Clients see within one wash dramatic results. Most clients wash neck and décolleté to achieve youthful firm and tight skin all around to pull off the deep plunge dress. 

Raw Youth Toner ($105) (140ml): This toner is matured in an advanced way that all the stem cells and extracts reach a maximum potency and is put in a complex oxygenated solution to allow immediate cellular absorption. This toner: refreshes, firms, plumps, and tightens the skin while adding a youthful matte glow.

Raw Youth Day Cream ($234)(40ml): This day cream is a miracle product that hydrates, moisturizes, nourishes, balances skin complexion while providing 12 hours of deep skin nutrition so that your skin can feed on exactly what it needs and in the exact molecule size needed durning the day. Our skin absorbs differently in the day time compared to night and we at ZANQARA have made it that this bundle meets your skin needs and functions. This day cream offers UV protection, fights free radicals, while restoring moisture reservoirs so your skin always looks irresistibly pump and hydrated. Bringing back a glow of enthusiastic high schooler. 

Raw Youth Night Cream ($294)(40ml): Lets forget 9 to 5 .... the magic of anti-aging is from 5 to Sun Rise. This cream is full of raw materials that compositionally react to one another to create a hyper speed function to enable the skin produce new collagen and elastin cells quicker, while preventing aging mutations that occur with aging and skin malnutrition. This cream is the best kept secret for anti-aging and producing long lasting youth restoring results. Working through out the night to fill and tighten wrinkles, diminish the saggy skin look, smooth and firms while packing the skin with nutritions and essential elements necessary for healthy skin. This cream promotes your skin to react on its own and fight aging by kick starting your skin's fibroblast activity and restore timeless, ageless, and flawless beauty.

Raw Youth Gel Mask ($280) (40ml): Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Black Bamboo, Floral / Flora active stem cells, Wild Mountain Lavender, Aphrodisiac Hibiscus Extract, Tropical Fruit Blend Extracts, and so much more packed into this oil based gel mask. Acts as an enzymatic exfoliator to remove dead skin cells without stripping or harming the underlying healthy cells. As you massage in a contouring manner you can see your skin start to lift and firm, fine lines diminish right before your eyes. This mask can be worn under make-up since it dries matte but leaves a silky smooth softens that few products on the market are able to produce. It leaves a soft and subtle aroma that is addictive and captivating. Customer's buy this product to apply to any area that has a criggly or saggy look that needs extreme tightening, plumping, firming and toning effects. Great for tightening the skin between the breast and décolleté. It creates a protective barrier that continues to feed the skin while giving cellular instruction for ultimate anti-aging results.

Raw Youth Eye Cream ($557)(38ml):  No routine is complete without addressing the main concern of everyone.. THE EYES! Our eyes can't hide when we are in love, sad, happy and it also tattles on us when it comes to our age.. Don't sleep enough, bad diet and you wake-up with dark circles, redness, wrinkles, and puffy.. our eyes are unforgiving but doesn't mean that they can't be wooed into keeping our little secret of age. This eye cream is the Houdini of eye products - vanishing all traces of time that plagues the eye area and bringing forth an everlasting youthfulness fit for a goddess. Packed with essential minerals, oils, extracts and herbals that calm the area and address all issues related to aging and other skin destructive factors. One application every day will produce anti-aging results that are unbeatable and long lasting. This product is so popular that customers actually order jars at a time to apply as a daily moisturizer because the anti-aging results are that extreme. Now you can experience the thrill of reclaiming your RAW YOUTH!

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