ZANQARA is a company that took 65 years of excellence and turned it into a nonpareil luxury. There are few things on earth that can make you feel as wonderful as the lines of Zanqara can. Offering 11 lines to choose from:

  • Zansai Skin Care
  • Haberlea
  • Endora Noir
  • E.W. Men
  • Engotti
  • Sweet Elli
  • WOW Therapy
  • Esthetically Puppy
  • Lanai Ele Ele
  • Zan-Ashi
  • Gemhada
  • Homeopathica
  • Demeropathy
  • Dermeopathics
  • Dermacetics
  • Scentual Pleasures
  • Dermeaceutical
  • WOW
  • Memories
  • Blemex



The mission of our company is to not only provide you with exquisite products, but to make you skin conscience. We don’t put a single raw material in our formulations that isn’t 100% chemical free and organic. We have the privilege to boast that we didn’t come into skin care, we invented skin care, over 65 years ago, head of the time, unbeatable and we remained number one. There isn’t any chemical that can compete with the results that our pure, naturally derived formulas produce. The journey to healthy skin seems like a bumpy one but with Zanqara, we paved the road with rose petals. We only offer you the finest, rarest raw materials from around the world to ensure healthy, radiant, ageless skin that you will be proud to flaunt.

Zanqara is the most organic skin care line available. We believe that if you can’t eat it, you should NOT feed it to your skin! Now we never ever recommend eating cosmetics, but our formulas are 100% organic and chemical free and derived directly from plant/veggie/ fruit extracts, butters, and oils. We designed every line to meet every skin type and skin need! Healthy skin can not be generalized or categorized, every individual is unique and so is their skin, and that is why we have developed such an extensive line of formulations, to ensure you get a unique product that meets your specific needs!

Zanqara is about purity, supporting, and helping your skin reach an optimum state of healthiness with the finest and beneficial raw materials. Healthy skin is about addressing deeper issues, and for that you need Zanqara’s deeply therapeutic, homeopathically based formulations that will leave you feeling and looking your best. Let your skin be your trademark, your stem of confidence, and let Zanqara be your best kept secret to natural beauty!

 Zanqara specializes in products that are intended for serious skin conditions and issues that seem to persist without ever relenting... such as: sensitivities, redness, eczema, psoriasis, blemish, acne, couperose, rosacea, pre-mature aging, advance aging, somatic mutations, contact dermatitis, allergy-prone, dehydrated, malnourished, oily and any other skin manifestations that plagues our confidence, and hampers our ability to feel or look our best.

Zanqara understands the importance of radiant healthy skin, and only provides you with the ultimate best in skin care. From Nature blooms Zanqara, an extensive company dedicated to your well-being and offering nature's best. With Zanqara, you don't have to question the quality, the ingredients, the results, the benefits, or the process of manufacturing...... your only question will be "what line should I choose.?" 

We don't compromise on the quality of raw materials, and we surely would never compromise in our mission and promise to provide you with the best of the best in the world of skin care. We want you to feel naturally beautiful, to embrace your skin and most of all, know the pleasure of it being well-taken care of. Zanqara's powerful formulas resulting in porcelain flawless skin. Here is how we do it..