Avra Amar Filion


Is the proud daughter of Terry & Madame Filion,  and since 2011   she has carried on her parent's legacy by taking over the respected names that are Holistic Skin Care, Homepathica Labs, Dermeopathics and Dermeopathy… taking all those trademark names that you know and love putting them under the umbrella of  Zanqara the mother company of all our brands and so much more. Avra has brought her own flair to the company by introducing over 200 new formulas to the already extensive list of extraordinary products.

Her mission in life is not to acquire a great sum of wealth through her company, but rather to help others in one of the most difficult tasks... to feel and look their best. To allow others to mass a great sense of confidence, to discover that if one puts health first, beauty inevitably follows. 

When she first took over in 2011 she was happy taking care of the clients that had been with the company from before she was even born, but getting inquiries from desperate people trying to solve years of shameful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable skin conditions, she made it her goal to be able to provide the luxury of formulas only she was able to produce and provide to everyone across the globe. That was when Zanqara was born! Zanqara is an international recognized and trademark company offering 11 different lines, to ensure no skin need is left uncared-for. 


Zanqara has quickly become a trademark name for luxury, healthy skin, purity, excellence, Perfection!

 Becoming one of foremost leaders in gnome restructuring, repairing and reversing aging mutations, anti-aging, cellular/molecular formulating, repairing advance skin damage, while having developed a revolutionary skin science called "Hadaology" Skin Psychology (the capacity to read the skin, study individual manifestations and their root causes  are, whether they be emotional, environmental, or inhibiting internal factors)  .....

and her motto is:

" I design the formulas not so they slow-down aging, but eradicate the aging process all together. The fountain of youth wasn't a little puddle of magical waters, it was an assembly of powerful natural biological matter, that God placed right before our eyes, to harvest and use to our benefit... and I have collected each and every one of those powerful substances. Zanqara isn't a logo or a brand name... It's My belief. Skin Purity, offering support and the help that skin needs in order for it to repair itself. The products enable the skin functions, feeds its, purifies it."

She takes caring for others very seriously... she is active in the community, partakes in humanitarian out-reaches, providing natural medicine and care to those in underprivileged countries and cities under W.O.N.M. She works closely with Come To The Waters Ministries International, a wonderful Christian ministry that opens churches, provides clothing, food, water wells, education, and much more to those in desperate need. She works with battered women, works with children from abusive homes, and is a true animal activist.

She believes beauty is more than skin deep, and no matter how flawless she can make skin to be, she also wants to help with the blemishes that may be on another's heart. 

" I recently came to the conclusion that the pursuit of love, leads to failure... But pursuing God's principle: 'There is no greater gift than to be of service to others.' leads to happiness. I want to be the comforting hand to animals and anyone I am able to help, I have made that my pursuit.. Doing that I have already experienced a life full of love ,and I consider myself blessed." - Quoted 2017

Dr. Avra Amar Filion holds the royal family crest and coat of arms of the De La Mora heritage, she swears that every one of her customers will be treated with the respect, care, attention and receive a royal treatment fitting for a king. Her profound ability to understand her customer's and their needs has earned her the position as one of the most sought after therapists, treating some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Politics, and the Professional Sports World.  She has been recognized by Who's Who's as one of the most influential women in the world, one of the top leading natural doctors, and has earned the merit of being a superior woman in regards of being a humanitarian and animal activist. She lives a life of success, integrity, and excellence to which she shares her blessings with others. 


She is:

  • Official Ambassadorial Attaché Of International Affairs For W.O.N.M
  • Damsel Of Honours (Youngest Person Knighted In Over 1000 Years)
  • Youngest Practicing Natural Doctor In The World Of Natural Medicine
  • Creator & Master Of Kodesh Ayur Vis (Holy Life Force)
  • Creator & Professor Under Unesco & CCHM Of Integrative Sports Injury & Pain Management
  • Sports Injury Professional ( The Personal Therapist to many Professional Athletes)
  • C.A.P - Certified Addiction Practitioner (Addictionologist)
  • Author of the best-seller "The Ellison Effect"
  • Owner of Homeopathica Labs
  • Creator Hadaology


Has a doctorate in:

  • Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Dermeopathy
  • Iris Diagnosis (Iridology)
  • Homeopuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders