ZANQARA strives to deliver the best that a line can, not only in the quality of products but in the quality of service.

With ZANQARA we want our clients served to the best of our abilities, we seek to provide a line that is incomparable to anything else on the market and with our loyalty and dedication to our clients we only ask the same in return, we require that our wholesalers order $2,000 yearly (before taxes) or else the system will automatically switch to retail and wholesale discounts will automatically be removed. For NEW wholesalers, $2,000 (before taxes) must be purchased (or pre-paid) in order to open a wholesaler’s account. 

Wholesaler requirement year period is from January 1st –December 21st. If you wish to take the Zanqara journey and have any questions on our wholesaler’s Policies & Requirements, please feel free to call us and we make it a habit to explain in full detail over each phone call. We leave the complexity to the formulas and keep the policies and requirements simple.

If The $2,000 (before taxes) isn't used up within the year all orders purchased within the year will be switched to retail prices, any remaining credit will be considered obsolete. We do offer an extension for credits to be used up, for every additional month it is $50 (plus taxes) to extend the period in order to use any credit that wasn't used in the year time frame. (Remaining Credits will be used to purchase products at retail prices)

Once the year has passed the customer must contact us within 5 months to ask for an credit extension, if the customer doesn't ask for the credit within 5 months after the year time frame has finished, we will archive the account and there will be $100 fee to reactivate the account and reapply any possible credit. * The $50 monthly fee (number of months that already passed plus the amount of months you want to extend the credit for) will be added to the reactivation fee.

Package Specials: We do offer clients specials of "Buy $X amount and get $X amount of free product"

Most common package purchased is the " Buy $5,000 (before taxes) get $700 of Free Product." Any package must be used up within the Wholesaler Year Time Period. Wholesaler requirement of $2,000 is to receive wholesaler discounts and any package purchased does NOT mean you covered several years of wholesaler requirements. Any package must be used in totality within the year (Jan-Dec). If the year passes and such wholesaler didn't use up the credits remaining, they must pre-pay the wholesaler requirement for the new year period. If this isn't pre-paid the account will automatically switch to retail and any remaining credits will be used to purchase products at RETAIL price. To use the remaining credits in wholesale pricing the wholesaler requirement amount of $2,000 before taxes must be pre-paid and that amount will be added to your already remaining credit. 

* PLEASE NOTE: That any extended credit is counted as retail credit, once the Wholesaler's Requirement was breech or wasn't met, all orders will be in full retail prices and ZERO discounts will be applied to orders being purchased with credit.  

* WE ONLY GRANT A ONE YEAR PERIOD FOR CREDIT EXTENSION (the one year starts immediately once the wholesale year has finished). If NOT used or claimed within that year all credit is void.

This has been our company policy since 2010 and we ask our customers to keep this in mind, and be well informed (We ensure to state this to any customer by email or by phone), if in the event that a customer try to dispute this and request a charge back with their bank, we will charge such customer a $50 fee, plus permanently terminate any future dealings with such customer. 

* ALL PAYMENTS made to our company is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE! 

Wholesalers are able to request in person training on Zansai Procedures, and are welcome book an appointment to have product training via phone. Wholesalers must agree to Zanqara’s policies that all products are final sale. If the wholesaler wishes to return a product or issue an exchange, they do so on their own doing and Zanqara is not responsible to cover it. When it comes to placing orders, Zanqara will no longer be accepting orders by phone. All orders must be place by email or text, and the order must be paid for before Zanqara will proceed filling it.

Zanqara doesn’t send paper invoices, all invoices electronic. Please save them.

If a manual order is created for you, there is a 5 day period to pay it before it expires, if the invoice expires and Zanqara has to reactive it there will be an additional $5 invoice reactivation fee. So please pay invoices within the expressed time.


We at Zanqara tried very hard to protect our Wholesalers by not selling to retail clients in their surrounding areas but we noticed at total lack of appreciation for our diligence and notice some very un-Zanqara like behavior was demonstrated.  We will not pay commissions to wholesalers anymore or decline orders from retail clients for these following reasons:

* Zanqara wholesalers are responsible to have a full stock of products, not order one at a time and make their clients wait for a product that they should have already at their location. Especially when it comes to products from the main lines! Zanqara's Wholesalers should have at least 4 of each cleanser and main products on hand at all times. Zanqara Products do not go bad so there is no reason why a Wholesaler should force their clients to wait because they don't stock up on products. If a retail client comes to us because they are tired of this behavior we will treat them as new client of ours and will not pay commission to the wholesaler. They did not take care of their client and force the client to come to us for better service. 

* Zanqara will not honor nor pay commissions to the wholesaler that forces their clients to come to us for any of the following reasons:

- Lack of product

- prolonged wait times (placing orders, returning calls, or any behavior that leaves such client desperate to order)

- Rude behavior towards the client making them feel uncomfortable and wanting to come us.

- Refusing to order special and new products requested by the client. 

- Not honoring Zanqara's store discounts. Our retail discounts apply to our wholesalers and it is their obligation to extend the discount to their clients as listed on our website. If our wholesalers do not extend such discounts and specials and their clients feel cheated and come to us, we will service them as new clients of ours and not offer commission to our wholesalers and this behavior is grounds to have the wholesaler have their whole account terminated. 

- Retail clients have to understand that our Wholesalers pay shipping fees and we ask them to understand that they understand their prices will always reflect a wee bit higher than our store site prices. But if a wholesaler is jacking up prices and gouging prices we will terminate such wholesaler from being able to sell our products!

In retrospect we realized a beautiful thing we tried to create got ruined by a few and we will no longer be able to offer to commissions to our wholesalers when their clients order from us. It is the job of the Wholesaler to keep their clients happy enough that they don't feel the urge to shop on our site. If your clients wish to come to us, our only responsibility is to service them to our best ability. 

For more  information ask for Avra Amar Filion  Phone: 705-888-5032

Email: info@zanqara.com



ZANQARA is a household name, sweeping the global as nature's best luxury. People can't get enough of the wonders of ZANQARA which is why we get requests from dedicated users of our lines, if they can be a representative and have the possibility to grow with ZANQARA with commission... The answer is YES! There is no fine print with us.. its rather simple - We Grow, You Grow! 

To be a representative all that is required is that you learn our lines and have a basic understanding of our raw materials and our philosophy. We expect our representatives to maintain a professional, kind, and caring demeanor when representing us while being dressed in appropriate and sophisticated manner. 

Commission: Every new customer you bring to ZANQARA (New Accounts), you will get a 10% commission on the first order, and 5% on every order thereafter. It doesn't matter how large the amount, you will earn what you worked for. 

Exemptions to the commission rewards:

1. If the account you have is a new wholesaler's account; if their account goes inactive or gets closed for whatever reason and if later on they reactive their account.. it gets recorded as a new account with a new customer ID and you won't be entitled to receive commission on such account.

2. If you cease to be a representative of ZANQARA's (See below reasons for Representative Termination)

3. If the commission earned is less then $5

4. You will not earn commission on orders you place for yourself (even if they are intended for others)

5. If an account of yours for whatever reason gets issued a refund (for an order or item), you are obligated to return the commission you earned for such amount. If commission isn't returned within 5 days after customer was refunded, the commission will have a 3% compounding interest added everything 30 days. When returning commission it must be paid by credit card.

Forms of Commission:

1. Credit: You can use your commission towards products. Credit is inputted into your account on www.zanqara.com within three days after one of your accounts pay for an order.

2. Money: You can choose to receive your commission in payment form. Payment methods are: Paypal, E-transfers, Wire Transfers (International Representatives Only, including USA). If choosing PayPal, we are not responsible for service fees charged by Paypal. If choosing E- transfers $1.70 will be subtracted from your commission to pay service fees (the service fees may change according to changes made by the bank). Wire Transfers will have $17 deducted from the commission to cover wire transfer fees (the amount may vary according to changes made by the bank). When choosing to receive payment, commission is totalled each month and will be sent through the chosen payment method the first week of the following month.

**** Commission is added up from subtotals (before taxes)**** Promo Code discounts any additional discounts (ZENSPEND or store credits) Will be subtracted from your 5% commission

Obligations For Commission:

Representatives must complete forms to properly collect commissions. When a representative demostrates the products or suggests it to a new customer, the representative must email us with the following information:

* Name Of Person, Name Of Business, Phone, Email, Website, Address, and Samples Given 

Once such information is provided we enter it into the system that such customer is under your account.

Representative Termination:

If a representative has demonstrated Anti-Zanqara manners their account will be terminated and commission rewards will stop effective immediately. A representative's account will be terminated if any of the following occurs: 

1. Receives more than 4 complaints from customers

2. Dressed inappropriately: No dresses/ skirts that are more than 2 inches above the knee or dresses that are overly tight. No shorts or jeans and absolutely no leggings or yoga pants. One must wear pants and a blouse that covers the chestal area appropriately. Clothing must not have branding of other companies. Zanqara does provide Representative T- Shirts.

3. If a representative, recommends another line when demonstrating our line.

4. Tampers with the products in anyway

5. Makes claims on behalf of ZANQARA that weren't authorized.

6. Abusing Representative discounts, or using any of the demo products for personal use.

Representative Discounts:

Representatives will get an initial 15% discount on products intended for demonstrations, once you have achieved over $20,000 in sales from new accounts (only counting initial orders and before taxes) then your account will receive a 50% discount for products intended for demonstrations and personal use. Samples will be provided at discounted bulk prices.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@zanqara.com

If you want to be a ZANQARA Educator please email us.



Since Covid-19 ZANQARA realized that some clients were shut down and unable to service their clients and their livelihood depends on selling products and performing treatments, so we took the incentive to create the emergency commission. Our wholesalers when in a predicament where they cannot service their clients as normal, they can have their clients order online using their special promo code and we will give them their 50% commission.

How the commission is calculated:

Subtotal (excluding taxes and shipping) is divided by 2 (50%) then we subtract whatever discounts were used from your 50% commission. (Zanqara has to pay for packing supplies, pay additional fuel charges with UPS so discounts is subtracted from your commission.

Subtotal  ÷ 2 = 50% - Discounts = Commission earned. 


When will these emergency commissions be denied:

* Zanqara will cease paying commissions when such client becomes problematic. Such Examples:

- Trying to pay ahead of our payment cycle

- Always trying to calculate their own commissions and asking for more commission

- Always asking what was ordered and continuously taking up Zanqara's time.

- Asking to be paid the discounts, shipping or taxes. 

- Asking for commission on orders that didn't use the wholesaler's special promocode.

Any of these will result in termination of commission privileges and any and all clients who continue to order directly from us, the Wholesaler will no longer be entitled to receive any commissions.