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This extraordinary cellulite & stretch mark gel has received unbelievable results after one treatment. You can achieve the body you’ll be proud to flaunt! With the most powerful natural ingredients, a formula you’ll swear by! Say goodbye to stretch marks and cellulite with a specialized blend of oils, extracts, herbal compounds, and jellies that leave you flawless & radiant.  This product leaves customers in awe, not only does it contouring, treat cellulite, make stretch marks disappear but it also firms the tissue and skin, giving you a tighter, leaner, well sculpted appearance… We made achieving your dream body incredibly easier. Sculpt yourself outside the gym.

 Directions: Apply to desired areas with Stretch Marks & Cellulite. Massage deeply until skin turns bright red for a minimum of 10 minutes, for ideal results massage for 30minutes in each area. Area may feel bruised or sensitive after massage. Apply enough force to cause redness but without discomfort. Majority state when doing the treatment properly while applying Cellulite & Stretch Mark Spray, one treatment was all that was needed. Results will vary.

Ingredients: Ingredients:  Marine Collagen, Kosher Glycerin, Veegum, Agara, Elastin, Chamomile Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Hamamelis Extract + Oil, Aloe Vera, Ginkgo Biloba, Horse Chesnut, Amino Acids, Vit E&C, Mandragora, Bach Flowers, Anise Oil, Fenugreek,Ionized Mineral Enriched Osmosis Water, Organic Iodine, Ginger Root Extract, Rosemary + Cassia + Grapeseed Oil, Pacific Kelp Extract, Oregon Grape Extract, Camphor, Menthol, , Amino Acids, Bach + Hawaiian Flowers, Arnica, Phosphorus, Sulfur, China, Strontium, Rudibium, Platinum, Chamomila, Staphysagria, Tangerine, Immortlle, Patchilli, Neroli, Onion Bulb Extract 



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