Posted by Avra Amar Filion on 2023 Jan 20th

My name is Avra Amar Filion, and I am personally writing this webpage because it is so important to me to share this personal family history. When I was a young girl, my mom would ask me to come up with quotes as a way to stimulate my poetic and rational mental capabilities... and then one day she asked me to make a quote about myself. It was hard.. very few people can answer the question "Who are you?", yet alone a young girl..

She gave me a few days to think of it, and in those few days I didn't reflect on myself entirely... No! I watched my mother serve client after client. Watching her run across a massive spa wolfing down a mere slice of bread because she had not even a second to eat, because she had a booking with a celebrity or someone that came off the streets in need. I watched her treat the homeless free of charge in the same importance and care as she did royalty and big names. She then at the late hours of the night made time for family and hot chocolate.. there was always a home cooked meal and a bed time story, as the look of exhaustion radiated off her well-maintained skin.

In those days of contemplation of my meaning, I would waddle my little chubby self into my father's lab and watch him like a mad scientist mixing herbs, flowers, fruits and veggies... there was no cackling of witches, but definitely a deep sigh after lengthy hours.. where my father would close his eyes, put his hands around the hot stainless steel pot full of his creation and bow his head and thank the Lord..... and he would prayed that this product would help and heal people. I watched this viking of a man create more things than any one human could dream of.. He flowed with ideas and ingenuity... There was nothing he could not do when he had already envisioned it in his head. I saw him share his ideas and others stealing them.. even trademarks.. and I always saw the sorrow upon my parent's faces when something they created was stolen under-handedly..

So when my mother returned to me like a home work assignment (no, we did not have basic upbringing; knowledge, integrity, morality, philosophy and creativity where the forefront requirements for my parents to raise free thinkers, in which they did) I answered with this quote for myself " cars, music, fashion, trends changes with the season, but I, I am my own trademark."

I said that because "unestablished" is meaningless.. I was established.. Like a mountain; I was the peak but my core self was grounded into my foundation that was impenetrable and unshakable. That foundation was my family and their ability to think and create things so far in advance that the industry constantly played catch-up or would have to resort to stealing and copying their ideas.

So as I write this page, I write with passion that the trademarks listed below were created by my parents, their products and courses are one of a kind.... and I can say that over the years, we have had big companies shake us down.. throw us through tedious and expensive costs as they approach the intellectual property to claim ownership of our trademarks or copy them so much, that it was no longer beneficial to maintain a trademark due to the mass infringement. Prime example was Holistica Skin Care.. The numbers of salons, spas, skin care lines that started to call themselves Holistica was upon the thousands, and we saw these companies visit our websites, or be former clients ....and "the cease and decease" letters became impossible to maintain because it took away from our ability to serve our clients to our full capacity.... because some sneaky people could not think or create something of their own.

Do I sound mean? Maybe... But as a daughter who recently loss her father, I speak with heartbroken passion to see people attempt to steal my father's and mother's creations; their milestones, their family and corporate legacy.. SO, this page is to have it written into the everlasting cyber trails of technology.... to make known the following trademarks where and are my parents creations and if anyone repeats history and takes one.. let be written here first that they are unestablished and had to invent themselves off the established mountain that is my parent's creativity.

  • Homeopathica
  • Demeropathy
  • Dermeopathics
  • WOW
  • Engotti
  • Memories
  • Blemex
  • Zit-Zapper (created in 1982)
  • Dermacetics
  • Scentual Pleasures (He created the word Scentual)
  • Dermeaceutical
  • Bioderma (We sold this trademark)
  • Vital Therapy (We sold this Trademark)
  • Biodermaceuticals

Same way my father carried me.. His ideas and creations carried others into their own success. His creativity and love shall forever be remembered.